5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Web Development Company to Design Your E-commerce Solutions

Beginner entrepreneurs find it challenging to decide whether to engage the services of a web design company or do it themselves. Due to their budget constraints, they end up opting for the latter. There is only one outcome here: A poorly designed e-commerce store. If you want to truly create an e-commerce store that will make you money constantly, hiring a web design company is your best bet. However, beginner entrepreneurs make grave mistakes when hiring web development companies for their e-commerce websites creation. Avoid the following mistakes if you want to get an eye-catching, high converting e-commerce solution:

Choosing a web development company which has no clue about the best e-commerce solutions to adopt

Entrepreneurs looking to build their e-commerce websites are usually faced with a tough decision as to what e-commerce platform to adopt. It all boils down to your current and future business position and needs, for instance, current and projected inventory size, current and projected traffic and current and projected payment options. If the web development company you choose gets it wrong from the start, you are bound to witness problems when your e-commerce website expands.

Opting for a web development company that utilizes outdated technology to build out your e-commerce websites

Building your e-commerce solutions on outdated software is the biggest injustice you can do to your e-commerce store today. With technology expanding at supersonic speeds, an outdated technology can negatively impact the seamless running of your e-commerce store. When looking for a web development company to build your e-commerce store, pick out one that is well aware of trending technologies. E-commerce solutions like Shopify are updated frequently, and if your web design company builds out your website from an older version the software, you’re bound to experience glitches in future, which might cost you money due to unscheduled updates and downtimes.

Opting for a web development company with little to no experience and expertise in the web design business to build out your e-commerce solutions

Most first-time and low-budget e-commerce website owners make this grave mistake. Most web development companies advertise themselves as possessing relevant, extensive experience and expertise in the web development arena, but in actuality, they can’t corroborate those credentials. Hiring such a company is a recipe for disaster for your business, as they will deliver a poor quality e-commerce store that doesn’t conform to the requirements of the modern day business environment. To cushion yourself from such web development companies, go on a research spree by digging into the history of the web development company you intend to hire. Ask for relevant documents and references for clients they’ve worked for. Call or organize face time with those clients to determine if the web development company actually worked for them.

Looking at price alone when hiring a web development company to build your e-commerce solutions

The common mistake most entrepreneurs make is to hire a web development company with the lowest quotation. This can be a dangerous decision as cheap almost always translates to poor quality workmanship.

Selecting a web development company that has no idea about the latest SEO practices to create your e-commerce websites

SEO is a critical part of any e-commerce site. SEO is responsible for your websites visibility on the internet. Visibility is key to reaching out potentials customers throughout the world, which is why an SEO optimized web solution is vital. If you hire a web development company that has no knowledge of current SEO practices, that’s a death sentence for your e-commerce store. To be on the safe side, ask these questions upfront before you hire any company.


Cushion your e-commerce store from these deadly mistakes that can initiate a hammer-blow to your e-commerce business. When a web development company uses an e-commerce platform like Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento, ensure they are using the latest version of the technology to enable you to enjoy the many benefits that come with it.

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