eCommerce is a trendy term used to describe the process of trading of products and/or services with the help of computer networks. Nowadays, people can find almost any product on the Internet and they can buy these products easily. That’s why there are so many people interested in building eCommerce websites. An eCommerce website has the same characteristics as a virtual store. When creating an eCommerce website, think about ordinary stores – the overall appearance of the store should appeal to customers. To put it simply, the website’s appearance must be friendly and inviting.

The first online shopping systems were introduced in the 1980s, but modern eCommerce solutions are incomparable to these systems. They are sophisticated and come with many useful features. Now let’s see what people need to create a good eCommerce website.

In case you are trying to sell one specific product, you will need just one page or two or three pages at the most. We are highlighting the number of pages because their number is important for the checkout process. Obviously, if you have more than one product, you will probably need more than one page.

Another important thing about making an eCommerce website is the design of the website. In case you are selling a product that has been awhile on the market, then you should know that there are certain design concepts and elements that are already in use and you need to follow these basic design concepts. Needless to say, you will need images that will complement the general style of your website.

If you want to run a successful eCommerce website, you must focus on these three basic things – transparency, ease of use and trustworthiness. You can improve transparency by providing accurate information about your company – the address, phone, email, contact form, testimonials, website policies etc. The ease of use depends on your ability to provide an efficient search box, to put products in adequate categories, to include intuitive buttons etc. Finally, trustworthiness is something that you will build over time, with the help of great customer service, quality products etc.

Bas eCommerce websites have a few things in common. Read more about these things and try to avoid them:

– Lack of high-quality photos

– Generic product descriptions

– Lack of contact information

– Not being present on popular social media

Now that you know what it takes to build a great eCommerce website, it is time to start working on it.